Located at 5922 Clark Road - Paradise, CA

What Friends Do

Community support makes it possible for Friends of the Library to supplement Library services.

Paradise Friends of the Library...

  • Contribute  $1,200 monthly for purchase of books and materials.
  • Support magazine renewal ($500 annually).
  • Contribute to the Library's special programs and events.
  • Purchase equipment not covered by the county budget.
  • Meet with county officials to express library concerns and discuss library needs.
  • Help Library staff assess library needs and create a long range plan.
  • Operate used book sales to raise funds and provide the community with inexpensive reading and resource material.
  • Work with other Butte County FOL groups and the Butte County Library Advisory Board to secure sustainable funding for all Butte County libraries.

You can help continue and expand these efforts by becoming a Friends member and an advocate for your Library. Join Us!

FOL Board meets first Wednesday of the month at 12 noon at the Library. All members and interested parties welcome.

An annual membership meeting takes place in November. Call the Library for date and time.